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14 Bloggers’ Best Gift Guides

14 Bloggers’ Best Gift Guides

Cross off your entire shopping list today with 14 bloggers’ best gift guides!

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14 Bloggers' Best Gift Guides - Cross off your entire shopping list today with over 14 shopping guides for this holiday season |

Unless you’re among the super-super organized, this week before December begins is probably when you really begin trying to figure out what types of Christmas gifts to buy this year. 

There is nothing quite as tricky as trying to find the perfect gift idea for everyone you know, all in different ages or stages of life. 

That’s why some of my blogger pals have teamed up to combine forces and share our best gift guides. Think of us as your own personal shoppers this holiday season!

Let us do the work for you!

The research has already been done. All you have to do is start crossing things off your checklist!

So, without any further chit-chat, here are 14 bloggers’ best gift guides to save you loads of shopping time this holiday season!

For your tried and true bestie

If you’re lucky enough to have some good friends in your life, you’ll want to treat them right this season. Check out the gift guide for your mom tribe from Nicole at Our Robins Nest. Those cat tea bags are 😻!

For the super trendy tween

VSCO girls have been the “thing” this year. And, Riana from the Kentuckiana Momma has the low-down on exactly what your tween and teen girls will need to follow this trend. 

For ones who push the limits on screen time

My son is at the age where he’s starting to be into video games. We’re trying to figure out which gaming system is right for us, and the Nintendo Switch is at the top of our list. We’ll be spending lots of time with this list of the 30 best video games for kids on the Switch from the Adore Them blog, for sure!

For those moms who are just starting out

We all know that mama’s are not that great at taking care of themselves. Rebekah of The Tex-Mex Mom has some wonderful recommendations on how to treat young moms to something special. I love the thought of gifting an Audible subscription! 

For the inventive and inspired child

I have the type of children who live in a world of their own imagination for hours. And so we’re always looking for new ways to foster that type of play. Thanks to The Growing Creatives, I’ve got loads of ideas for gifts for them!

For the kids who already have ALL. THE. TOYS!

Am I the only one who feels guilty buying toys for my nieces and nephews knowing they probably have all the toys their parents think they need already? My inspiration for their non-toy gifts is coming from Stacey at Seashells and Storytime this year. 

For your lovely sister

Sometimes the people you know the best are the hardest to shop for. Brittany over at Dreams + Coffee has some beautiful ideas for the ladies that are practical, but have a touch of glam, as well! 

For the ones who throw the best holiday parties

You don’t want to show up to a holiday celebration empty-handed. But maybe you’re not looking to bring another bottle of wine. Thanks to Sarah of Foxy’s Domestic Side, you can bring your hostess something totally unique!

For the impossible to shop for dad’s who have everything

If there’s one group that always trips me up every Christmas, it’s the dads in my life. Why are they so hard to shop for? This year, I’ve got them covered thanks to The Tex-Mex Mom

For the littlest ones 

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for the youngest children you know? Some of the gifts in Ready. Set. Mama’s ultimate gift guide for ages 1-3 are real wow’s! 

For your office mate who needs a laugh

Even though I’m not working in an office anymore, I always appreciate silly presents. This list of white elephant gifts from Stacey at Families with Grace does not disappoint. 

For the all-natural mama’s

Now, this gift guide for natural moms is right up my alley. Terryn from Just a Simple Home has found everything I’d love to see under my tree! 

For those who want to enjoy their gifts without worry

It’s hard to know what to buy for our family and friends who have allergies to certain foods, metals, or chemicals. Thankfully, Our Healthy Family Life has your back with their list of allergy friendly gifts!

For the youngest problem solvers

It’s never too early to start introducing the concept of STEAM-related activities to children. With the toys suggested by Lisa from Biscuits and Grading, they won’t even realize just how much they’re learning as they play! 

And while you’re in the gift-shopping frame of mind, check out some of my posts from the past filled with even more great ideas! 

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I truly hope you’ve found the absolute perfect present for everyone on your holiday list from these 14 bloggers best gift guides.

I know this time of year is super-stressful, but remember: you can’t go wrong if you give something from your heart! 

How to Find the Best Gifts This Year - 14 bloggers share their ultimate gift guides for everyone on your list |

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