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30 Thrifty Gallery Wall Ideas

30 Thrifty Gallery Wall Ideas

30 thrifty gallery wall ideas for when you’re ready to change up the look of your decor!

30 Thrifty Gallery Wall Ideas - Change and update your gallery wall displays without spending lots of money |

I have a goal in the coming months to revamp the gallery wall in our den. 

It’s a pretty small space, but I managed to combine some script art with some bright colors, plus our dinner menu and our kids’ paperwork zone.

If you look closely, you’ll spot a free Christmas printable that I’ve kept up all year long!

When I put it together, I was happy with my mix of objects, but it’s looked the same for the last few years and I’m ready for a change. 

The problem with creating gallery walls is that they can be a little pricey. Between the hangers, the items and any materials needed to change their look, the cost can quickly skyrocket!

So, I want to go for low-cost and upcycled materials. I plan to make some trips to scour thrift stores for anything that catches my eye.

Here’s a list of 30 thrifty gallery wall ideas that I’m open to including in my revamped space!

Shallow baskets


Book pages

Game boards or pieces

Melted crayon art

Leaf rubbings

Scrap wood with words or sayings

Kid’s art

Free printables

Interesting picture frames

Lace in an embroidery hoop

Lace in embroidery hoop

Framed fabric scraps

Decorative plates


Pressed flowers

Felt banners

Small mirror

Macrame hanging

Small wreaths made of boxwood, eucalyptus, or cotton

Old license plates

Thin wire sculptures

Antique keys

Wall clock

Wooden arrow

Botanical prints

Distressed window frames

Galvanized metal 

Knick knacks on a thin shelf


Embroidered script

Framed album art

This list is just the beginning. Almost anything can be hung on your wall!

Be sure to keep an open mind when you’re out gallery wall treasure hunting.

If you find something you think you like, but it’s not quite right, ask yourself “Can it be painted, decoupaged, distressed? Changed in any way?”

For more ideas on changing the art you already have, check out my previous post on updating your artwork.

When collecting items for your gallery wall, think of themes you may want to design around. Maybe things that remind you of the ocean, or love, or flowers…whatever inspires you.

You also may want to balance color, scale, and textures.

I’m hoping to add some more organic elements and some pops of green to my wall. Its located in our den, where there’s not much natural light so it definitely could use some life!

One more point to consider: there are many ways to hang your featured items. Gather hooks, twine, shadow boxes, even leather straps could be useful, depending on what you’re hanging!

If you have a gallery wall in your home, tell me your favorite part in the comments below. I’d love to have some more inspiration, especially if it’s a thrifty idea!

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