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75 Lists to Keep in Your Planner

75 Lists to Keep in Your Planner

Write all your thoughts in one place – 75 lists to keep in your planner!

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75 Lists to Keep in Your Planner - Write all your thoughts in one place and stay super organized! |

My brand new paper planner has just arrived!

I’ve always been a new year / new planner type of girl, but this year I realized that my life revolves around a school year, so I should switch up my planner then too! 

My absolute favorite planner is the Plum Paper Planner. The amount of customizable elements is unreal. You can choose everything from your cover, layout, even extra grids, and blank pages. 

Not only do they feature an easy-to-organize daily planner, I also love their add-on sections.

With those extra pages, you can include specialized pages to your planner that correspond with your interests or your stage of life, like a new baby or house repairs. I really like the blog section for room to keep track of my post ideas or important dates. And, this year I added a reflection space, too.

But no matter what kind you use, your planner is the perfect place to write down lists of everything you want to remember.

If you’re stuck on where to start, I’ve assembled these 75 lists to keep in your planner!

Goals – weekly, monthly, and yearly


Bill due dates

Movies to see

Books to read

Reading log

Family member’s doctor info

Home items to buy

Renovations/home improvement wish lists

Kids/families clothing and shoe sizes

Favorite podcasts

Menu planning

Habit tracker

Mood tracker

Sleep log

Exercise log

Craft projects

Favorite quotes

Seasonal bucket lists

Self-care ideas

Water tracker

Vacation planning

Gratitude journal

School schedule

Social media tracker

Gift ideas

Cleaning schedules

Holiday planning

Debt tracker

Period tracker

Ovulation tracker

Baby schedule

Savings tracker

Grocery lists

Family favorite meals



Career goals

Brain dumps

Volunteering ideas


Dream log

Garage Sale / Thrift store list

House paint colors

Car maintenance

Pet health

Daily or weekly To-do list

Morning or night routine

Skincare routine

Party planning

Travel bucket list

Favorite memories

Back to school to-do list

Garden plans

Medication tracker


Blog post ideas

Capsule wardrobe ideas

Grocery lists

Kids sports schedules

Favorite restaurants

Personal achievements

Holiday traditions

Homeschooling tasks and goals

Favorite websites

Children’s milestones list

Seasonal cleaning or house maintenance list

Pain or sick tracker

Favorite board games

Favorite beauty brands

Green living ideas

Random acts of kindness ideas

Favorite affirmations

Restaurants you want to visit

No Spend Day tracker


Bear in mind, these lists will work just fine in a digital planner or note app like Google Keep, if that works better for you.

But, no matter if you have a paper planner like I do, use a bullet journal, or just jot notes down whenever you think of them, organizing your thoughts by writing them down is an easy step to start clearing your mind and enjoying your life more.

With these 75 lists to keep in your planner, you can stop trying to hold on to all the things you’re “supposed to remember”, and finally get them out of your head, once and for all!

75 Lists to Keep in Your Planner - Get more organized today by writing all your thoughts in one place |

15 thoughts on “75 Lists to Keep in Your Planner”

    • Yes! If I didn’t have my goals written down somewhere, I’d easily get distracted and nothing would ever get done.

  • What a great list of lists! I tend to have my lists all over the place. Some in my planner, some on my phone, some on misc. papers around the house. It would great to keep these in one place. I never thought of adding a mood tracker, paint color, or no spend day lists. Thank you for sharing these ideas.

    • I do still have a few on my phone. I need to have a kid’s clothes and shoes size list because I can never remember when I’m out shopping!

  • I have always wanted to start a planner but I never knew what to write in it! This list will definitely come in handy! :3

  • I’m a lover of planners and organization so this article is definitely much needed in my life! I’ve already bookmarked this and plan on incorporating a lot of these into my 2020 planner. Thanks for the ideas!

  • I’m a great paper-lover and a huge fan of planning, so it’s no wonder why I love posts like this. 🙂 I especially liked your idea of a dream log – I think it would be fun and interesting to read it after some time passes.

  • A practical question – I could literally have 50+ lists in a planner. Do you personally group them/color code/alphabetize them or anything to help you find the ones you don’t refer to that often?

    • Have you thought about maybe making a table of contents like a bullet journal? It wouldn’t have to be in the front of your planner; any blank page would do. I’ve also seen people coloring the edge of the page for easy reference when flipping through, like blue for home lists, green for kids, etc. I also like to use colored paper clips as bookmarks to help me find pages quickly.

  • PAPER IS OUR FRIEND! I love all your ideas. I just got a new loose leaf planner/journal and now I know what to use it for❣️

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