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Carpet Deodorizer with Essential Oils

Carpet Deodorizer with Essential Oils

There’s nothing like walking into your home and smelling the fresh scent of clean.

Whatever that scent means to you – flowery, citrusy, spicy, or crips – if your home smells pleasant, it’s definitely a more peaceful place to be.

But one of the areas that can really hold onto to strong odors is your carpets and rugs. Even when they look clean to the eye, they can have some serious stink issues going on. These smells can come from pets, smoke, or spilled food. Ours is definitely from cooking smells. Because of the way our floorplan is set up, all the air (and odors) from the kitchen flows right into our den. And since that’s the room where we live and play the most, if the carpets aren’t fresh smelling, it’s pretty obvious.

So as I’m on a quest to rid my home of as many chemicals as I can, I make my easy own carpet deodorizer from essential oils and baking soda.

Natural Carpet Refresher - Make a quick DIY mix to refresh your carpets and rugs |

Unlike commercial carpet refreshers, this baking soda and essential oil blend has no added chemicals.

It adds nothing harmful in your air or on your carpet. You won’t have to worry about your small children or pets playing on the ground, breathing in toxins or getting irritants on their skin.

It’s such a small thing but it gives me so much joy! And the blend is just three steps.

1. Fill jar or bowl with a box of baking soda

2. Add up to 20 drops of essential oils

3. Shake or mix to combine

Natural Carpet Refresher - Make a quick DIY mix to refresh your carpets and rugs |

That’s it. Once your blend is shaken, your carpet deodorizer is ready to use.

I have designated an old coconut oil jar from this, but a mason jar would work perfectly. Or even recycle an old Parmesan cheese container with a shaker lid on top.

For the essential oils, I like an equal amount of lavender and orange oil. Citrus scents tend to be my go-to. They’re fresh and invigorating to me. And the lavender adds a subtle floral without being overwhelming. It’s a perfect blend for my nose.

Natural Carpet Refresher - Make a quick DIY mix to refresh your carpets and rugs |

This simple fix couldn’t be easier.

The most time-consuming part of refreshing our carpets is clearing all the toys off the ground.

Shake it all over the carpet and let it sit for about an hour. The baking soda will deodorize the carpet, while the aroma from the essential oils adds a fresh and clean scent.

After the mix has done its work, simply vacuum all the baking soda up.

You can use this blend for much more than just carpet, too.

I’ve used my baking soda blend to freshen mattresses, sofas and chairs, and even car seats! Just shake, let sit, and vacuum it up.

Looking for a chemical-free sink or tub scrub? Use your baking soda!

It’s even wonderful to get the odor out of your stinky shoes. Sprinkle a bit in and let it sit overnight. Then I just shake it out again, and the shoes are ready to wear. It’s been a lifesaver in the hot summer months when I’m living in canvas shoes with no socks.

Natural Carpet Refresher - Make a quick DIY mix to refresh your carpets and rugs |

Don’t be afraid to try other combos of essential oils, depending on your mood or needs.

Thieves is a blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. It’s known for its immune-strengthening power. Perfect for flu season!  Add some extra lemon for an additional punch.

Lemon and Orange – Loads of citrus freshness for the summer

Peppermint, Tea Tree, Lavender – Super fresh and clean, and smells like a spa!

Just a side note: I have heard that because the particles in baking soda are extremely small, they can clog or harm your vacuum over time. I really wouldn’t use this method every time you vacuum. Once a month should be more than enough!

This baking soda carpet deodorizer with essential oils is the perfect first step for anyone who is looking to start their green home journey. The ingredients aren’t expensive, there is little to no actual technique. It’s actually the first DIY cleaner I ever made!

Give it a try!

Or if you’re already using your own blend, tell me the oils you use. I’d love some new ideas!

Share your thoughts and leave a comment below!

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