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Custom Gift Ideas for a 10th Wedding Anniversary

Custom Gift Ideas for a 10th Wedding Anniversary

Step up your celebration game with these amazing custom gift ideas for a 10th wedding anniversary!

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Custom Gift Ideas for a 10th Wedding Anniversary | Personalized gifts for your tenth wedding anniversary |

This week, my husband and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary.

We were married in a small outdoor ceremony on August 9th, 2009. Usually, my husband and I enjoy our anniversary with a fancy-ish dinner and don’t buy gifts for each other. But for this milestone, I planned on doing something a little special.

The traditional gifts for the tenth anniversary are items made from tin or aluminum. Apparently, the idea is that marriages lasting for that length of time are as strong as metal.

There are tons of ideas on personalized 10th-anniversary gifts on Etsy, one of my preferred places to shop. When you make a purchase on Etsy, not only are you supporting small, creative business owner, you’re also buying really unique gift items. Win, win!

Here are some of my favorite custom gift ideas for a 10th wedding anniversary that can be found on Etsy:

Custom License Plate Sign – CLE Village Craftsman

This is the first and most popular idea I found when I was searching for a custom anniversary gift idea.

When you send this artist your anniversary date, they create a completely unique sign made from slices of old license plates. I’m sure no two are alike!

You can also choose from a dark pine or a gray pine backing and each includes a hanger on the back so it can go right on your wall.

Video Game T-shirt – Specialty Gifts Store

Have a gamer in your life? This is the perfect t-shirt for him or her!

I love that it’s not as serious as the other gifts. This one really made me smile!

First Dance Song Tin – Artsy Voiceprint

One of the more expensive ideas that I found, but it’s a real wow!

When you send Artsy Voiceprint a link to you and your partner’s favorite song, they turn it into a sound wave print on a brushed piece of aluminum that you can display anywhere in your home.

They offer a few different versions of this artwork in their shop so be sure to look around at all the options!

Stamped Dime Key Chain – T’s Trinkets & Treasures

If you’re not one for flashy gifts, but you still want an everyday reminder of your big day, think about gifting one of these key chains.

Stamped Collar Stays – Block and Hammer

Form + function! These shirt collar stays are high on my list.

You can customize your message and also choose your font. Block and Hammer also offer stamped copper gifts for 7th anniversaries!

Printed Tin Cups – The Beez Kneez Designs

Does your family spend loads of time outdoors?

Pick up some custom tin cups to toast to your future adventures!

Tin Family Tree – Creations By Ingrid

I love the handmade quality of Ingrid’s aluminum family tree. She creates the trees by hand out of recycled soda cans!

You can add your children and even your pets’ names to the tree. Adorable!

Metal Message Planters – letteroom

If only I had seen these custom planters for my favorite gardener when we were doing our spring planting this year! He would have loved this!

Maybe I should order them anyway and sock them away for next year. Hmmmmmm…….

Because aluminum is a very common and inexpensive metal, you can find all types of statues, figurines, cookware, and home decor made from it.

But, if you’re following the more modern take on anniversary gifts, the 10th anniversary is the year of the diamond. 

If your spouse is into jewelry, go for it! 

More of a sports fan? Maybe think about splurging for baseball tickets. (Baseball diamond, get it?)

Do you have a music lover? A quick Spotify search led me to Diamonds by Rihanna, Diamond Heart by Alan Walker, Diamonds and Pearls by Prince, and, of course, Neil Diamond. 

My point is to be creative. Even a little bit silly is ok. 

The most important thing is that you take a moment to celebrate how far you’ve come together in the last 10 years!

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