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Easy Homemade Bubble Solution

Easy Homemade Bubble Solution

Mix a quick batch of my 3 ingredients homemade bubble solution for summer fun all season long!

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Easy Homemade Bubbles - Simple bubble solution you can make in minutes |

I’m sure there are kids out there who just don’t care about bubbles, but I’ve never met one.

My children love bubbles so much.

In fact, I should have included in my Summer Survival Guide, “just add bubbles”!

Girl with bubbles

But of course, kids being kids, there are many times where our bubble mix gets dumped on the ground by accident.

Or we go through an entire bottle of the store-bought stuff in one afternoon.

So I often have to make our own DIY bubbles!

Here’s a quick recipe for an easy homemade bubble solution to make loads of perfectly poppable bubbles!

You’ll need to gather:

6 c Water

1 c Liquid Dish Soap

¼ c Corn Syrup

Add everything to a large container and stir all ingredients gently.

I’ve had the most luck when I let the bubble solution sit for a few hours before using.  

The corn syrup will strengthen the bubbles so they won’t burst as soon as they come off the wand.

Beware that the corn syrup can attract insects and may also leave some stickiness where the bubbles pop.

We try to keep this an “on the grass” activity so I don’t need to scrub our deck furniture.

Girl blowing bubbles outside

Another option is to substitute vegetable glycerin for the corn syrup.

Personally, I somehow constantly have a bottle of corn syrup in my pantry that I don’t remember buying. So I like to try to use it when I can.

My favorite bubble wands are the big ones in the long skinny tubes. We also have a lot of luck with the teeny, tiny wands from Dollar Tree.

Those small holes make tons of bubbles!

Homemade bubbles

I won’t use this homemade bubble solution in our bubble machine, though.

I’m afraid that the corn syrup will gunk up the motor somehow, so this is for wands only.

This is one happy girl!

Happy girl with bubbles

A couple more bubble tips :

Do your little ones have a hard time keeping their bubble containers upright? Try tying them to a deck chair or post with a bungee cord so kids can dip away without dumping their bubbles in excitement.

You can also mix up a larger batch of this recipe for a party. Keep it in a gallon-sized beverage dispenser for easy filling. Make sure it’s labeled really clearly so no one takes a drink accidentally!

However you use it, I hope this easy homemade bubble solution keeps your cups filled and your kids joyfully popping all summer long!

How to Make DIY Bubbles - Summer fun with 3 ingredients you have in your kitchen! |
Easy Homemade Bubbles - Simple bubble solution you can make in minutes |

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