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Essential Oils for Kitchen Smells

Essential Oils for Kitchen Smells

The perfect blend of essential oils can eliminate cooking smells and keep your home smelling fresh!

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Essential Oils for Fighting Kitchen Smells - How to use essential oils to clear the air after cooking 

I’ve written before about how the layout of my home keeps lets smells from my kitchen flow all over the house.

Some times, that’s great. The sweet scent of chocolate chip cookies? Yes, please!

But the off-putting smell of bacon grease that lingers in the air for days after cooking? Nope. It’s too much for my nose.

How to use essential oils for kitchen smells

That’s when I turn to my favorite essential oils and my diffuser to break up the scent in the air.

I’ve found that essential oils in the citrus or herbal family seem to be the toughest at clearing up greasy kitchen smells and keeping the air really fresh.

Herbal oils


Tea Tree




Citrus oils







Flowery oils clash with cooking smells for me, while spicy scents, like cinnamon, just have a way of blending in.

The exception to the “no flower rule” is lavender oil. Because of its subtle scent, lavender often ties the herbal and citrus oils together.

Essential oil for kitchen smells chart

Here are some blends that combine a few of my favorite odor-busting oils to keep your home smelling fresh.

They’re all designed for use in a diffuser that uses 150 ml of water.

Lemon Grove essential oil blend for kitchen smells
Bright and Clean Essential OIl blend for kitchen smells
Fresh Morning Essential Oil blends for kitchen smells
Citrus Mint Essential Oil blend for kitchen smells
Lavender Fields Essential Oil blend for kitchen smells

You can try these blends or experiment and discover your own custom scent!

I bet it will eliminate your worst greasy kitchen odors in no time at all!

Essential Oils for Fighting Kitchen Smells - How to use essential oils to clear the air after cooking |

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