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February 2020 No New Clothes Challenge Update

February 2020 No New Clothes Challenge Update

I learned a lot last month about shopping at a famous online consignment shop. Check out what I found in this February “No New Clothes Challenge” update!

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clothing wrapped in blue dotted tissue paper a no new clothes challenge

It’s time for another rundown of my year-long goal of not buying any brand-new clothing.

I can’t believe how fast the month flew by!

Even though I didn’t do a lot of thrift shopping last month, I do still have some fun finds to share for my February “No New Clothes Challenge” update.

I only made one trip to Goodwill this month.

I half-heartedly looked at the clothes and shoes, but since I wasn’t really in need of anything, I didn’t spend much time there. 

Last month, I mentioned that I was going to be looking for a new pair of sneakers on thredUP. That mission hasn’t worked out yet. I have narrowed my search filters down pretty far, but no luck on that as of yet.

I have looked at sneakers on Mercari, but since those items are shipped right through the sellers, I don’t have as much faith in the quality of the shoes. 

But, I did have some luck last month on thredUP.

For one thing, since I’ve been trying to add a lot more cardio into my exercise routine, I realized that I needed more sports bras. Thanks to thredUP’s “new with tags” filter, I was able to find loads of options, and since I had some coupon codes to use, I decided on 2.

I also picked up 2 pairs of pants: one navy carpi pair and a bright, flower print wide-leg pair. The best part was that I found out that I can filter pants options by inseam! For my fellow tall ladies, that is awesome! 

I did realize after ordering that my items were coming from 3 different locations, so that did add a bit of waste to the overall environmental impact.

And I was surprised to see that the clothes came in plastic shipping bags, unlike the paper bag I received from Goodfair in January. 

There is an option to only see items from your local distribution center and to bundle items for less packaging, so that is something I will pay better attention to in the future. 

But for this order, my 3 packages all arrived within a week of each other. Inside each bag, the clothing was carefully wrapped in coordinating tissue paper decorated with the thredUP brand blue polka dots.

The 2 sports bras did arrive with their original tags still on them as advertised.

I did notice that the black one had what looked like a footprint on the white band. After trying them on, I decided to keep both, because I was pretty confident that I could get that smudge out. 

I was also really excited that the navy cropped pants from Point Sur fit well.

They’re light and comfortable; perfect for summer. And I was shocked to see that they retail for $327?!?!?! That means I bought them for about 90% off. Whoo-hoo!

There was one big disappointment in my order, though.

The lightweight patterned pants from H&M were way too big at the waist. They were practically falling down! I really liked the color and print, but they were not going to work. 

That problem meant that I had also my first experience of returning an order to thredUP.

I was able to do the entire return right from the app and it was really easy. There are some hidden costs to the return process though. 

First, there is a $1.99 restocking fee. That comes right off the top of the price of the item you’re returning. The second cost is for shipping. ThredUP does not provide completely free return shipping like most other online retailers. The options are either a free shipping label but only with a store credit for the price of your item, an $8.99 shipping label with a refund for your item, or you can purchase your own shipping from USPS and receive a full refund. 

Since I knew I was going to be purchasing more clothes on thredUP in the future, I chose the store credit with free shipping. But if you’re making your first purchase on thredUP, this is something to consider. 

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All in all, I was satisfied with my thredUP experience this month. 

I’ve already got my eye on a few things for the summer, and I might try one of the Goody Boxes for that in the coming months. I’ll just be more aware of which warehouse my items are coming from.

If you’re inspired to pick up any new-to-you clothing this month, thredUP can be a great way to pick up some quality finds at really low prices. Don’t forget to use those filters to make your search even easier!

And if you’re looking to make your first purchase from thredUP like I did in February, you can use the link in the button below to save $10 off your order!

February calendar for monthly progress on year long goal of not buying any new clothing

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