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Gift Guide for Gardeners

Gift Guide for Gardeners

Finding the perfect gift for your favorite gardener doesn’t have to be tricky.

I’ve found tons of great ideas for the plant lover who has everything!

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The Essential GIft Guide for Gardeners - All the tools and supplies your favorite gardener needs for the perfect harvest! |

My husband comes from a family of growers.

When we were looking to buy a home, his biggest hope was some space to garden.

And he got his wish!

For the last few years, his gardens have grown and grown. Now our small yard has 2 flower gardens, an herb garden, and a large plot for fruit and veggies.

With Father’s Day and his birthday coming up this summer, I’ve been inspired to make a gift guide for gardeners with some ideas that I know my favorite guy would love!

Plant and Seed Journal

The first step for a lot of gardeners is the planning. In order to get the look and result they want, there’s a lot of plotting and research involved.

That’s where a good plant journal comes in.

This version from Transient Books on Etsy has a customizable cover.

Plant Journal from Transient Books on Etsy

This journal from Amazon is a little more lightweight. Plus, it has lined pages, plant data pages, and dot grid pages so your gardener can save all kind of info!

Rain Gauge

There’s only one way to know exactly how much rain falls in those spring showers and summer storms and that is with a rain gauge.

I love this little frog !


No gift guide for gardeners would be complete without a good set of tools for digging, weeding, and pruning. They definitely need to be rust-proof with a comfortable handle, like this set from TomCare. The bright green stripe on the bag really pops, too!

Wheel barrow

I’m amazed at how often my husband uses his wheelbarrow. Even if you think it won’t really be useful, I promise you it will!

Plant markers

When those tiny plants start sprouting, it may be hard to tell what’s what. If you gift some plant markers, every thing will be labeled. No more guessing games!

You can choose from eco-friendly markers, like these bamboo ones from Amazon.

Or how about some shiny metallic herb markers? These copper tags are available from Yesterdays November on Etsy. They offer custom markers, too!

Garden Kneeler

It’s no secret that working in the garden can be really hard on the knees. Maybe pick up one of these kneelers for some extra cushion!


Garden statues can be a fun way to inject a little personality between the flowers. I like this little elephant from Amazon. Trunks up are good luck!

Fun Planters

When its time to bring the garden indoors, your gardener will love some decorative planters.

The tiny ceramic planters from Noe Marin on Etsy make me smile!

Heirloom Seeds

Have you ever heard of Rainbow Blend Carrots? How about Snowy Eggplants?

They’re just some of the varieties listed in this heirloom seed kit for the gardener who has everything!

Hand Cream

After all that hard work, a good gardener’s hands need a little love! Gift them some soothing hand cream.

Here’s a vegan lotion for men from conscious skin care. They also have a large line of other skin products if you’re looking for something different!

Hand Cream for Men from conscious skin care on Etsy

I made this gift guide for gardeners with my husband in mind, but I’m sure these presents would work for the grower in your life, too.

And you never know what will give their green thumb a little helping hand!

The Essential GIft Guide for Gardeners - All the tools and supplies your favorite gardener needs for the perfect harvest! |

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