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Holiday Cloth Napkins

Holiday Cloth Napkins

Take your fall and winter dining table to the next level with holiday cloth napkins that are both lovely and affordable.

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Cloth Napkins for the Holidays

One of the easiest ways to make your holiday table look extra fancy is with a set of cloth napkins. 

Even though they will take your table decor to the next level, fabric napkins don’t have to be a major investment. In fact, they will save you money over time. 

I’ve been rotating 3 sets of napkins at our dinner table for the last few years and they’ve really held up well.  And I’ve more than made up for the cost of them by not having to buy one-use paper napkins.

But, this year I just might treat myself to some new fall or winter sets to match the rest of my decorations. 

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Here are a few of the holiday cloth napkins that I’ve got my eyes on this month!

These natural colored linen napkins would match a farmhouse tablescape perfectly! And at less than $20 for a set of 12, the price is amazing!

I think these striped napkins would work any time of year!

Naughty Cat Apparel on Etsy offers an amazing range of animal print cotton napkins. The woodland animal set screams autumn!

Woodland Animal Napkins Forest Critter Cloth Napkin Set Owl image 0
Photo via Naughty Cat Apparel

I have a lot of white and blue in my Christmas decor. These chambray cotton napkins would match really well!

Sometime you need a bit of a neutral color to break up all the warm tones of autumn. This vintage floral print will do the trick.

Crabtree Collection Deluxe Cotton Table Linens, Bright Colors for Kitchens and Dining Rooms - (Vintage Floral Napkin Set)
Photo via Crabtree Collection on Amazon

For a more casual look, check out CHOW with Me’s Etsy shop. They offer their napkins in a mixed set based on colors. I love this idea!

Whatever the look of your holiday cloth napkins, they are the perfect accessory to add to your autumn and winter table settings.

But, I’m going to have a hard time deciding!

I might have to pick up a few sets!

Help me choose, please! Tell me about your favorites in the comments!

Cloth Napkins for the Holidays

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