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January No New Clothes Challenge Update

January No New Clothes  Challenge Update

How it my 2020 goal going so far? Here is my January No New Clothes Challenge update!

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January Calendar for No New Clothes Challenge Update

One month of my No New Clothes Challenge is in the books! 

I knew this month would be the easiest by far. Not because I had loaded up on clothing before the challenge began, but mainly because I just didn’t have the need or want to really purchase much of anything in this season. All of my cold-weather clothing is in pretty good shape

No worries though, I do still have a couple of things to share this month!

I have to start with a purchase I actually made at the end of December, but I’m including it here because of how happy I am with the process. 

As I mentioned in my original No New Clothes Challenge post, Goodfair was one of the companies I was going to be looking at for pre-owned clothing this year. And right after Christmas, they were having a sale on their hoodies. Instead of the regular price of $20, they were on sale for $8 with free shipping. The thing about Goodfair is that you are only able to choose the type of clothing and the size you want. You can’t choose the color, pattern, etc. 

But, for $8 I was willing to take the risk on a hoodie to replace my old college one that I’ve been wearing for a decade. 

Goodfair offered really quick shipping and no-waste packaging. I was so happy to see that my new hoodie wasn’t wrapped in a plastic bag at all! 

I was extremely pleasantly surprised with my sweatshirt!

It’s made by a motocross company, Thor, and they sell new hoodies on their site for over $50.  But, this one looks brand-new and it’s so comfy and cozy. 

Is it something I would choose for myself? No. I know nothing about motocross and the color isn’t one of my favorites.  And, yet, I’m really satisfied overall. In fact, I might take advantage of one of their t-shirts someday. I just really love the idea of this company. 

Since part of the reason to avoid shopping was to try to keep more of a minimalist wardrobe, I didn’t need much for winter clothes.

But, I was keeping an eye out for new crew neck sweaters. I used to be a cardigan girl, but I found I was always pulling them around my midsection or having to worry about what I was going to put on underneath. Pullovers are just working better for my body these days. I have a few, but I was casually looking to see what else I could find. 

On my one and only trip to Goodwill this month, I did find a super comfy, perfectly brown sweater for $4.

After I snatched it up, I realized it is a men’s sweater, apparently. The sleeves are a little long, but other than that, it’s perfect for hanging around the house or running errands. 

The most exciting part of that Goodwill trip was that I also snagged a brand new pair of taupe Toms slip-on sneakers!

They were marked at only $7. There was no way I could pass those up! 

I was hoping to not have to purchase any new clothing for my children this year either, as the pre-owned options for kids are pretty easy to come by too.

But my daughter went through the knees of 3 pairs of pants in one week and our favorite consignment shop was pretty bare in her size. Target had to save us this time. 

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That’s it for my January No New Clothes Challenge Update!

I don’t expect next month to bring too many unexpected clothing surprises. My husband is traveling to Europe for work, so I will have to avoid stress/ boredom shopping, but I think I can do it. I am on the lookout for a couple pairs of shoes on thredUP, though. If that all works out, I’ll be posting about them next month!

Stay tuned for that! 

I’m also posting updates on my brand new YouTube channel. You can subscribe and follow along there as well! 

Racks of Clothing for No New Clothing Challenge 2020

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