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8 Morning Yoga Videos to Start Your Day Off Right

8 Morning Yoga Videos to Start Your Day Off Right

I am always on the lookout for the perfect morning yoga video.

Ever since I started practicing yoga about 3 years ago, having a routine to begin my day really makes a difference to my mood and energy level. Here’s a list of some of my favorite online yoga videos to start your day off right!

8 Morning Yoga Videos to Start Your Day Off Right - Gentle and energizing yoga videos you can practice in your own home | #bestmorningyoga #athomeyoga

I am a huge fan of at-home yoga.

You can’t beat the convenience of being able to practice at home. Even though I would love to be able to attend an actual class whenever the mood strikes me, at this stage of my life it’s just not possible.

But I’m hooked on following yogis on YouTube! They get my blood moving, wake up my muscles, and put me in the right state of mind to conquer whatever gets thrown my way.

The videos I’m linking to today are all between 10 and 30 minutes long. If you have  longer time to devote to morning yoga, there are videos out there for you too! They are also in the vinyasa style of yoga, which is what I prefer. I love how every pose flows into the next, using your breath as a guide.  

You’ll also see that this list is a little heavy on the Yoga With Adriene videos. She is my personal favorite yogi, as she explains the poses and transitions perfectly for my learning style, but she’s also really calm and motivating. I love that she gets a bit silly sometimes too.

I’ve broken down this little list into two categories. Gentle, restorative yoga for those who want to ease into the day, and more energizing practices if you need a bit of a jump start.

First up: some gentle morning yoga!

Sunrise Yoga – Yoga with Adriene

In my opinion, this is a perfect way to start my morning. It’s a quiet routine for those days when I really need to wake up slowly. Plus, Adriene’s sweet puppy, Benji, makes a special appearance, so – bonus!

Wake Up Yoga – 11 Minute Morning Yoga Practice – Yoga with Adriene

This is the shortest video on my list for the days you just need a little something. Or you want to include a bit of yoga to a longer workout routine.

15 Minute Morning Yoga for Beginners – Gentle Morning Yoga – Action Jacquelyn

Jacquelyn has a similar teaching style as Adriene, so this video was really easy to follow for me. If your bones and joints are really creaky in the morning, this sequence has plenty of slow, floor-level stretches to ease you into your day.

Morning Yoga On The Road – Yoga for Travel – Yoga With Adriene

Adriene has a series of travel yoga videos and this time she’s in Washington State. It looks so peaceful!

Watch all the way through for the surprise guest at the end!

Now on to the energizing routines!

Morning Yoga – Energizing morning sequence – Yoga with Adriene

Even though this practice is loaded with sun salutations and stretches, there’s also a bunch of lunges. And that requires a whole lot of balance. Especially first thing in the morning!

15 minute Energizing Morning Yoga Routine | Morning Yoga to Wake Up – SarahBethYoga

This video gets right to the yoga. Again, the poses are mostly sun salutations, twists, and lunges. If you don’t need as much motivational talk or self-love chat, this might be a routine for you.

I will note that there was a big ad banner right across the bottom so I couldn’t actually see Sarah Beth until I stopped to click away from the ad. This could be pretty frustrating, depending on how many visual cues you might need.

15-minute flow with Caley Alyssa – Alo Yoga

This video gets right into it. It’s a full-body routine that will have you up, down, front, and back on your mat – all in 15 minutes.

Morning Yoga | Energizing 30-Minute Yoga Flow | Cat Meffan

For an energizing flow, this video has a lot of breathing work to begin with. Cat doesn’t rush from pose to pose, but the result is powerful. The lighting is a little dark, but I like her teaching style so much, I don’t mind.

No matter how many minutes you can devote to yoga in the morning, will set your day off right.

I hope you’ll find a new favorite morning yoga routine in one of these videos, or at least be motivated to add a little stretching and bending to your a.m. routine!

Before you go, stop by my post on how to make a yoga mat spray to keep your mat fresh and clean!

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