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My Favorite Aldi Foods

My Favorite Aldi Foods

Save money and eat well – this week I’m sharing my favorite Aldi foods!

While some are everyday finds and some are only available in limited seasons, here are 15 of the best finds that you should be buying from Aldi.

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Make no mistake – I really love shopping at Aldi. 

I love the small stores, the prices, and the quality! 

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Even though I do 90% of my grocery shopping at Aldi, there are some items that I truly love and look for whenever I’m there.

Some are every week buys and some are seasonal. Grab them when you see them, for sure!


Eggs are one of my favorite ways to eat some quick and filling protein. 

While a dozen eggs are always inexpensive at Aldi, around Easter I can usually buy a carton for less than $1!

Black Bean & Corn Salsa

Anyone who has been at a party at my home in the last few years has tried Aldi’s Black Bean and Corn Salsa. It is a staple for us. 

It has a bit of spice and a little tang. It’s just really, really tasty. 

If you spot the Organic Black Bean Dip in your store, pick that up too. So yum!

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Frozen Mushroom Risotto

I’ve only seen this risotto in the store a few times, but you can be sure I’ll stock up the next time I do. 

It cooks in minutes and it is rich and comforting and perfect for a quick dinner on a rainy night. 

Cranberry Cheddar Cheese

Another seasonal treat from Aldi is their fancy cheeses. 

I usually pick up the Cranberry Cheddar in the fall. At only $1.79 for an 8 oz block, I can’t resist it!

Organic White Cheddar Puffs

These are a little dangerous. Not only are they an identical dupe for the incredible Pirate’s Booty cheese puffs, but my son and I can also finish off an entire bag without realizing it!

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100% Pure Maple Syrup

I never paid much attention to syrup until I married my husband. 

His family is very specific when it comes to syrup, so only the real deal maple kind would do in our home. 

And he’s right. It’s so much better than that sugary stuff. 

Plus, we can pick it up from Aldi for less than $6 a jug. 

Onion Rings

I can find Aldi’s frozen onion rings about once a month, and I always pick up a couple of bags to keep on hand. 

My daughter and my husband love them!

Produce Deals

Every week, Aldi chooses a few seasonal produce items and offers them for a serious discount.

Even though all their produce, including the organic items, cost less than they do in the other grocery stores near me, I usually start choosing our fruit and veggies based on what is on sale that week.

Candy Cane Tea Bags

This was a new find for me this past holiday season. And I’m kicking my self for only grabbing one box. 

It’s the perfect blend of mint, spice, and licorice. It may sound a little odd, but it’s amazingly soothing. I hope it comes back this year!

Fall and Spring Hams 

Right before Thanksgiving and Easter, Aldi stocks their refrigerated section with enormous hams at ridiculous prices. 

Even though we don’t spend either of these holiday’s at our own house, I always buy a few of these when I see them. 

We can get a few dinners out of each, plus a big ham bone for soup!

Earth Grown Black Bean Chipotle Burgers

If you’re trying to eat less meat, Aldi always has great options. 

The Chipotle Black Bean Burgers cook in minutes, have a great texture and are very filling.

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Green Chili  & Cheese Tortilla Chips

I haven’t seen these chips in a while, but I’m on the lookout every week. They are cheesy and with the perfect amount of spice. Crossing my fingers that they’ll come back again soon!

Frozen Potstickers

I love the ease of having a bag of potstickers on hand for a quick lunch. 

I recommend the pork version if you see them.


You know that feeling when you search for the perfect pumpkins for your family at Halloween and then you realize that you’re spending way more than you expected because you’re paying by the pound! Those babies are heavy and the cost really adds up. 

Not at Aldi. They have pumpkins at for a flat rate at Halloween. Mine are usually less than $2 each. 

Dark Chocolate Cherry Trail Mix Granola Bars

I buy these every week. The dried cherries and almonds help fill me up on busy mornings and the big chunks of dark chocolate add the right touch of sweetness. Luckily no one else in my house eats these, so they’re all mine!

Of course, there are tons more items that you can buy at Aldi that are worth the trip on their own. 

You’ll find great bargains in the dairy section, or on nuts and granola. 

The family-size packs of meat save me so much, too!

If you’ve never been to an Aldi, I hope this post gives you some inspiration to give it a try.

And if you’re a regular shopper, leave your favorite Aldi treats in the comments below.

I’m always interested in trying something new!

15 Foods You Should Buy At Aldi - Eat well for less by shopping at my favorite grocer |

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