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My Printable Aldi Grocery List

My Printable Aldi Grocery List

I wrote a post recently with a whole bunch of reasons why Aldi is my go-to store for regular grocery shopping.

I save time, money, and loads of shopping there. I just can’t recommend it enough.

One of my tricks of a speedy shopping my printable Aldi grocery list!

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My reusable Aldi grocery list printable - Save tons of time and money with this free Aldi list printable that you can customize just for you!

For me, the first start of simplified grocery shopping is making the list.

I used to write my list the usual way. Jotting down what we needed on a pad on the fridge. Then bringing this tiny strip of paper along with me to the store, hoping I don’t lose it. Or sometimes even struggling to read my own handwriting.

This all changed a few years ago when I was just beginning shopping at Aldi. I came across a post on Passionate Penny Pincher about a printed Aldi grocery list to keep every week. The goal was to make a simple checkmark on everything you needed on a premade list.

So I took the idea of this list and tweaked it to suit my needs by adding things we usually buy and taking out things we never purchase. I also included a space for meal planning. Plus, I left some spots to write down anything I wanted to look at in the seasonal aisle.

My reusable Aldi grocery list printable - Save tons of time and money with this free Aldi list printable that you can customize just for you!

Because so much of Aldi’s items are the basics, there’s no need to start from the beginning and rewrite your list every week.

This might seem like such a little thing, but if you think of writing the same things down, week after week after week… It really adds up over time.

But I hated the idea of having to remember to print out a new list every week. It sounded like a waste of paper to me. So I needed to have a way to reuse the same list. If I had a laminator I would have used that, but I had to go another way. I slipped the printed list into a sheet protector, like the kind you would use in a binder, and stuck it up on the fridge. And there you have it, a reusable Aldi shopping list.

Now I just have to make a dot with a dry erase marker by what I want to remember to buy.

I do like to place it on a clipboard when I go to the store. It can just sit up in the cart and be easy to read. Then, I just buy what I need, and I just wipe it away when I get home.

I really can’t explain how much this has simplified my life.

Just the small act of not having to start from scratch with my grocery list every week has freed up so much time and brain space. Now, I know I could do something like a permanent list on my phone. But as I’m continuously trying to be more present with my phone out of my hand, this is the system that works for me.

Today, I’m sharing my exact list. You’re welcome to take a look! It is a printable PDF and it covers most of the store, with some extra spots to fill as you choose. Or you can just use it as a starting point to design your own list by adding or subtracting any items that your home might need.

My reusable Aldi grocery list printable - Save tons of time and money with this free Aldi list printable that you can customize just for you!

Maybe you’ll want to give it a try, or maybe you’ll completely redo it into your own thing.

Either way, consider starting your own version of reusable Aldi shopping list. The time and brainpower it will save you is amazing!

Are you a paper list or a phone app list person? I love to hear other shoppers’ systems!

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  • Love this idea. My method is to walk up and down the aisles to jog my memory or come up with something new. I have the time to this– I’m retired!
    Good work!

  • That is a great idea. It could easily be adapted to where you might buy things from different supermarkets – a different section for each supermarket, and it could be customised to be in the exact order of your local store to make for a faster list. So much simpler than handwriting everything on a list each week

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