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Natural Holiday Decorations

Natural Holiday Decorations

Bring the outside in this season with natural holiday decorations for your home.

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Natural Holiday Decorations - Dress your home for fall and winter with natural materials |

I’m really getting into decorating my home for the autumn season this year. 

Even though it’s my favorite time of year, I’ve gotten a little lazy in changing up my decor. My excuse has been how crazy this time of year is, with a new school routine, a few family birthdays… the list goes on.

But, this year, I’ve been really inspired! Most of my motivation has come from my 4-year-old, who has been asking for more decorations to celebrate the changing seasons.

A lot of my additions have been DIY, and also I’ve been really excited to save some money on decorations while trying to keep an eco-friendly mindset. Ive been thinking about ideas for a greener season by using items you can find in your backyard or grocery store. Many can be composted when you’re done! 

With that thought in mind, I’ve made a list of natural elements to add to your fall and winter decorations.


Pine needles

Dried oranges



Mini pumpkins

Birch bark

Jute twine


Dried seed pods



Sprigs of holly


Cinnamon sticks

Star anise pods

Poinsettia flowers


Sage leaves



Dried lavender

Bay leaves

Grapevine wreaths

Unique, eco-friendly products chosen just for you and your little one!

Some advice about bringing natural holiday decorations into your home –

Avoid taking sticks, bark and leaves from live trees. Look for items that have already fallen on the ground.

Keep in mind that you may need to prepare some things for use in your home. Check out this post from Make & Do Crew about cleaning pine cones. They are the perfect little homes for all kinds of bugs that you probably don’t want moving into your house!

I also thought this video from Amejane Time had some great tips on taking elements from the outside responsibly.

Once you’ve gathered your flowers, pinecones, or whatever you’re using in your decor, the ideas are limitless for how to use them.

Natural holiday decorations can be added to your existing decor or used all on their own.

Maybe scatter some along a runner for an easy tabletop display.

Or, fill a basket to overflowing for a modern-day cornucopia.

I’ve finally have gotten a tiered tray to use in a large window sill and some pinecones and seed pods fill it perfectly. That’s part of my window display in the photo above!

What are other natural items you use in your holiday decorating? 

How to Use Natural Materials in Your Home Decor - Over 20 easy rustic additions to your fall and winter home |

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