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Random Act of Kindness Day

Random Act of Kindness Day

Brighten someone’s life on Random Act of Kindness Day!

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Next week is Random Acts of Kindness Week, and February 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Day! 

Kindnesses can come in many forms – doing a good deed for family, friends, strangers, even yourself. Even taking extra care of the environment is an act of kindness. 

Being purposefully kind is one of the values I am continuously trying to teach to my children. My oldest even had “do a kindness” on his allowance chart in the past as a reminder! So I for one am really excited for an entire week full of opportunities to brighten someone’s day!

Here is a list of simple and inexpensive things you and your family can do on Random Act of Kindness Day to put a smile on someone’s face! 

Smile at a stranger

Bake treats for a neighbor

Pick up litter at a park

Pay for someone’s coffee

Compliment someone sincerely

Donate old towels to an animal shelter

Hold a door open for someone

Call a friend or family member

Give someone a pep talk

Send a care package to a soldier

Download the Forest app. It’s designed to keep you focused on your work and off your smartphone. The longer you’re off your phone, the more credits you will earn towards real trees being planted by Trees for the Future. 

Tape a dollar to a vending machine

Let someone get in line in front of you

Pay for a stranger’s library late fee

Make a bird feeder

Prepare a special meal for someone you love

Donate to a fundraiser

Bike ride or walk to do errands

Leave a positive sticky note on the bathroom mirror

Sign up to be an organ donor

Make a purchase from a local small business

Talk to an older family member or friend about their memories

Make someone a handmade card

Write down the 5 things you like the most about you

Plant a tree

Take a family hike

Leave a generous tip

Plant an herb garden

Make simple bookmarks and leave them in books at the library

Conserve energy at home

Donate your used books

Be kind to someone new at work or school

Buy second hand to conserve resources

Tell a joke

Be a courteous driver

Send a card to a sick child through Cards for Hospitalized Kids. My family made some as a service project for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and my children really put a lot of thought and care into their cards. I was so proud!

Invite someone to dinner 

Visit a local farm and buy some produce

Practice good listening

Pass out hand warmers to crossing guards

Leave a treat in your mailbox for your mail carrier

Text someone a funny meme or GIF that will brighten their day


Pass along a coupon that you’re not going to use 

Leave a kind comment on a blog or Facebook post 

Visit or send letters to the elderly at a senior center

Send a thank-you note to a nurse, police officer or firefighter you know

Donate blood, if you’re able

Cook your family’s favorite meal

Sit with someone who’s having a hard time

Paint a positive message on a rock and leave it for someone to find. Visit The Kindness Rocks Project for more information. 

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For more ideas, check out Random Acts of Kindness. The site is filled with ways to make the world a little better because kindness is contagious! Maybe turn the idea into a fun family activity to write out an entire month’s worth of kind acts and to one each day! 

What can you do as a random act of kindness this week? I’d love some new ideas!

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