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Why I Drink Lemon Water Every Day

Why I Drink Lemon Water Every Day

While I was working my way through college, I was a restaurant server for many years.

If you’ve ever been a server or have one in your life, you know that it can be a pretty difficult job at times. Mostly, I had a good experience. I made some great friends and even met my husband while I was waiting tables.

(By the way, just to preach for a moment, I’m convinced everyone should have to work for a time in a restaurant to fully understand how important it is to be kind and patient to service people of all kinds. I think the world would be a much more pleasant place. Thanks for listening. Back to the post now!)

Not only did that job teach me some incredibly useful things, like patience, time-management, and memory tricks, I spent a lot of time anticipating my guest’s needs, and suggesting new items for them to try.

But, one of the orders I could never understand was “hot water with lemon”. I thought that sounded like the most boring, odd thing to drink. Who just drinks a mug of hot water, I thought? Order some tea!

I just didn’t get it.

Why I drink hot water with lemon everyday - So many physical and mental health benefits in one mug |

Flash forward 10 years, and I’m officially a convert.

I started regularly drinking a mug of hot water with lemon and a bit of honey in the evenings and I love it! In fact, I’m enjoying some as I write this. And I totally understand the appeal. It’s warm, and tart, with a dash of sweetness. So, so good.

But it’s more than that.

The health benefits of drinking water with lemon are outstanding. There’s tons of Vitamin C which is great for your immune system, as well as really helpful to your skin. It’s also amazing for your digestive system and your joints.

Lemon water also helps you feel full, so there’s less night time snacking. I’m known for grabbing a handful of chocolate chips before bed, but my cravings are definitely less after drinking my lemon water.

Why I drink lemon water everyday - Lemon water has so many benefits for your health! |

There’s also the ritual involved.

After a long day with the kids, after everyone is safely tucked into bed, I put on the kettle and wait for it to boil. The house is quiet for the first time since dawn (my children are extremely early and loud risers) and it’s my time to relax. I cut my lemon while I wait and add a little honey to my favorite mug. After I mix in the hot water and juice from half a lemon, I sit on the couch and watch a show with my husband. Or work on my papercrafts. Or this blog. Or anything I want.

Plus, there’s no caffeine. My water with lemon is a perfectly soothing and calming way to end my day.

Why I drink lemon water everyday - Lemon water has so many benefits for your health! |

But what if hot water with lemon is just not your jam? Think about drinking a cold glass first thing in the morning.

You’ll get the same benefits of vitamin C and it will help replenish the hydration that you lose after a long night’s sleep.

Hot or cold, there’s no denying that most of us should be drinking more water. Why not add a little lemon and boost the health benefits? It’s worth a try and your body might thank you!

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