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Yoga Lover’s Gift Guide

Yoga Lover’s Gift Guide

A yoga lover’s gift guide featuring clothing, equipment, and accessory ideas for the yoga fan on your holiday list.

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Yoga Lover's Gift Guide - Clothing, equipment, and accessory ideas for the yoga fan on your holiday list |

It’s that time of year already!

The time when everyone starts racking their brains about what presents to buy for all their loved ones this holiday season. 

I thought I’d share a few thoughts of my own about the perfect gifts for fellow fans of one of my favorite hobbies…yoga!

So if you’re stumped for ideas, here are some equipment and accessories your favorite yoga fan might appreciate while they’re bending, stretching, and meditating!

Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are probably the first accessory that comes to mind when anyone thinks of yoga. They do last a long time, but for those who practice regularly, mats can wear out unexpectedly, or take a little time to dry when they’re cleaned. For these reasons, it’s nice to have an extra mat on hand. 

They don’t have to be terribly expensive. 

This one is my favorite right now! The length is great and the little guides really remind me to straighten up my alignment.

Carrying bag

But yoga mats can be a fairly personal decision. If you’re worried about choosing the wrong one, think about gifting a bag instead, especially if you’re shopping for someone who practices in a studio.

There are 2 popular styles of yoga mat carrying bags.

A tote style can hold a lot more, but still has room for their mat. 

 A sling bag is great for those who don’t need to carry much more than their mat and a couple of small items. 

You can find either in any color you can think of and loads of patterns, too.

Water bottle

Even though yoga doesn’t have to be high-impact like cardio, you still need to stay hydrated. Grab a reusable water bottle for your yogi to carry along to their practice. 

Soy candle

The simple act of burning a candle can make for a relaxing atmosphere during a restorative workout. And they make a great gift.

But, think about picking a soy-based candle.

They burn much cleaner and with less soot then standard wax candles. Plus, they won’t leave black smudges on your walls. just posted a list of the 12 best soy candles and I’ve got my eyes on a few of them!


Yoga tanks and leggings can be particular to the wearer and tricky to buy as gifts, but a hoodie or wrap would be a great option! 

Some popular shops to browse through are Beyond Yoga, Sweaty Betty, and Athleta.

If you’d rather support a small business, think about searching for customizable yoga tees!


Yoga beginners might need a bit of extra grip in their practice. That’s where yoga socks come in. I wish I had this pair when I first started! 


Thin, brightly-colored blankets can be used as a pillow or bolster during a yoga practice. They could also keep a yogi warm during their final resting pose known as the savasana.

This beautiful blanket from Benevolence LA is made from recycled materials by local artisans in Tlaxcala, Mexico. I also love the company’s mission to contribute a portion of each sale to the non-profit Water Mission, which helps build sustainable water systems around the world.


There is nothing more distracting during a good yoga stretch than some hair in your face. A good cotton headband can easily help with that!

The turban style is still pretty popular and will stay put!


Foam, bamboo, or cork yoga blocks are supportive and steadying, especially for those yogis with limited flexibility.

This set of 2 blocks by Fledo has amazing reviews and the price is great!

Help fundraise for schools in need while shopping at The Ultimate Green!


Yoga straps are another tool to aid in proper alignment and posture. They can really help your favorite yogi get the deep stretches they’re looking for. has a review of 8 types of straps. You could always grab more than one!

Yoga mat spray

For a DIY present, whip up a bottle of my yoga mat spray. You could present it in a pretty glass spray bottle with some ribbon for a heartfelt, handmade gift.


Having a few houseplants around can aid in focus and better air quality. That’s really helpful for all that deep breathing and concentration you need for yoga.

Some easy to care for varieties are spider plants or pothos. They both work in almost every lighting situation, so they’re a good gift option for any space.

I’m positive that anyone can find the perfect present for yogis of all skill levels from this yoga lover’s gift guide.

I know I would love any one of them! 

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Gift Guide for Yoga Lovers - Clothing, tools, and accessories for the yoga fan on your holiday list |

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