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Zero Waste Paper Planner Tools

Zero Waste Paper Planner Tools

Start your sustainable journey while getting organized with zero waste paper planner tools!

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I’ve written before about how many lists I have going at any current time.

I write everything down in my paper planner and I absolutely love it.

I’ve tried to go the digital route, but it’s just not for me. By the time I log in to any app or site, I almost always forget what I wanted to add. 

Or, I get distracted and start scrolling through other apps.

Having all my to-do’s, lists, calendar, and brain dump in one place is perfect for my brain.

Plus, I love the feeling of crossing items off when I finish them. It’s the simple things sometimes. 

If you love writing in paper planners like I do, but you’re looking to do so in the most sustainable way, this is the post for you! 

Here are some green planner supplies to get you started! 

Seed Pencils

Seed pencils are the ultimate in zero waste planner tools.

Made by Sprout, they may appear to be your standard pencil at first glance.

But they actually have a biodegradable seed capsule where the eraser would be so they can actually be planted when the pencil is too small to be used any more.

These make great gifts, too!

Buy Sprout seed pencils on Amazon by clicking the link below!

Paper Tape

Paper tape is meant to be used for packages, but there’s no reason why this can’t be added to your zero waste planner tools.

I’ve only seen paper tape in the brown version, but why not draw designs on it? I bet it would look just like patterned washi tape!

Fountain Pens

A good fountain pen can last you a lifetime. Whenever the ink runs dry, simply refill the pen.

Fountain pens do have a bit of a learning curve, but Simple Zero Waste has a really great post with everything you need to know!

Wooden Highlighter Pencils

These are one of the coolest planner supplies I’ve seen in a while!

Plastic highlighters always seem to run out quickly and they aren’t recyclable.

Wooden highlighter pencils will last much longer and the colors are so bright. They even come with a wooden pencil sharpener.

I can’t wait to get mine!

Mechanical Pencils

These were always my go-to when I was in school.

I just loved the way that thin lead would write!

You can get a quality metal mechanical pencil for under $20 and it can last you forever!

Of course, with all these zero waste supplies, you might want a sustainable planner, too.

Last year, Eco Warrior Princess gathered an amazing list to get you started.

Check out the offerings from May Designs. I love their bright patterns!

Another option is to use a completely customizable Moleskine notebook.

They feature blank Kraft paper covers and sewn pages. Perfect for bullet journaling!

Also, you could check thrift stores or yard sales for supplies you can use in your planner.

They might not be zero-waste, but it’s better to put them to use than to have them wind up in a landfill.

Don’t forget – these zero waste supplies can be used for much more than paper planners.

No matter if you’re into doodling, bible journaling, going back to school, or just need to jot something down, there may be a more eco-friendly version of the tools you usually reach for!

Zero Waste Planner Supplies - Sustainable tools to pretty up your planner and journal |

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